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ACE Leader - Dr. Ravi Damodaran, President - Technology & Strategy, Varroc Group

By Niranjan Mudholkar,

Added 20 August 2015

"Why is it that while we are called a manufacturing hub, yet we have to rely on ‘German and Japanese’ machines to manufacture products to world standards, even after decades of manufacturing experience in India?”


Dr. Ravi Damodaran joined Varroc Group in 2012 and since then has been successfully spearheading the Group’s foray into next generation technology. Besides having more than 18 years of diverse and dynamic experience in handling large scale projects and operations in technology and manufacturing, Dr. Ravi also has many industry-firsts to his credit in the areas of materials research to technology transfers and business turnarounds. This alumnus of IIT-Roorkee is also a Six Sigma Master Black Belt from (G.E).

Dr. Ravi strongly believes that while our potential as a nation has been recognised by the world may times over in the past two decades, we have continuously failed to live up to that potential. “On one side we boast of the best intellectual capital in all fields, but on the other hand we have not excelled in the global arena in most of these fields. Indian manufacturing, while being recognised as low cost has not resulted in world class infrastructure or products and our exports continue to lag imports both in terms of quality and quantity.

The tremendous opportunities for correcting these anomalies and realising our potential is an inspiration to not only me, but also, I am sure to many committed individuals whose single minded dedication and devotion are the reason we continue to make positive but painful progress despite the challenges of corruption, poverty and illiteracy that plague our society even today,” he says.

He feels that technology has the power to change many things including taking the Indian auto components sector to the next level. “And by technology I don’t mean the quest for incremental solutions that will keep us abreast of our own competition. Indians need to institutionalise technology development both in processes (for improved productivity) and products (for improved differentiation and customisation to local needs). Why is it that we have world class talent but no world class products? Why is it that while we are called a manufacturing hub, yet we have to rely on “German and Japanese” machines to manufacture products to world standards, even after decades of manufacturing experience in India?

"Because we have not scaled up individual brilliance to collective excellence in the area of technology development to get ahead of our competition in the global arena. This has a long gestation period, however, the journey which has started hesitantly, needs to be accelerated. The timeline can be shortened by collaborative R&D in this highly connected and globalised environment,” Dr. Ravi states.

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ACE LIST 2015 - Leadership is playing a huge role in the Indian auto components industry rise to the next level. Therefore, we at The Machinist thought it pertinent to understand the vision and aspirations of a set of top management representatives from this dynamic industry. While this list is far from comprehensive, it certainly reflects a very interesting and insightful cross section of this sector. We started the ACE List last year featuring some of the leading entrepreneurs from this industry. This year we have extended the scope of the list beyond entrepreneurs (people who started their own organisations) to include other top management guys. This is in recognition of the fact that while they may not have established the company, their role is equally entrepreneurial in growing it.

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