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Top 5 digital transformation trends shaping the organizations

The digital transformation has many benefits, including improved customer service, more productive staff, digitization, and increased profitability.

Published : 21, Nov 2022

Take Quantum Leap With Smart Manufacturing

To keep up and remain competitive, manufacturers of all sizes must strive toward smart manufacturing. Embracing smart manufacturing begins with the leadership of a company. The first...

Published : 18, Nov 2022

The Ugly Truth About Data Loss

Many businesses are reevaluating how they handle endpoint provisioning, administration, and, most crucially, security as a result of the growing usage of Apple devices in business....

Published : 18, Nov 2022

India opens up defence market; contracts worth Rs 1.5 lakh crore signed

The Indian defence industry is at an inflection point, which is poised for rapid growth led by the government’s thrust on indigenization and is likely to grow by double-digit over the...

Published : 9, Nov 2022

Meeting the industry’s talent requirements for Emerging Tech, Edge, and Cloud

Skilled resources are the need of the hour. Skills not in just ‘computer science, but data science and more. AI, ML, and the list grow by the day.

Published : 9, Nov 2022

Manufacturing sector growth to sustain in coming months: FICCI Survey

Growth momentum was maintained in Q1 (April–June 2022-23) and Q2 (July–Sept 2022-23), with more than 61 per cent of respondents reporting increased output levels in Q2 (July–Sept 2022-23)....

Published : 8, Nov 2022

De-Skilling: The Fastest Way To Raise Productivity

The article elaborates on why de-skilling is the new-age way of running a business and how it contributes to productivity growth.

Published : 1, Nov 2022

AI & ML The Key To Unlock Smart Power Solutions

The article elaborates on how technology solutions such as artificial intelligence and machine learning can help improve efficiency and profitability for utilities.

Published : 1, Nov 2022

Modern Technology Integrating Physical And Digital World

With digitalisation taking over manufacturing, read on about the technologies that can make plants connected, efficient and elevated

Published : 20, Sep 2022

On Cloud: Accelerating Innovation & Collaboration In Automotive Industry

With the growing demand for smart mobility, cloud connectivity possesses capabilities for supply chain transformation top-down. Read to know how.

Published : 20, Sep 2022