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Procurement shark tank: How to pitch internal procurement transformation

Disruptions have become the new normal of today. Amidst disruptions, procurement disruption goes beyond simplistic calibrations and calls for a more extensive ecosystem reboot. The...

Published : 25, Jul 2022

Democratisation of CAE workflows

CAE allows engineers to gain complete and meaningful insights into the design and functioning of their products and processes before even the prototype is made. Hence, it naturally...

Published : 25, Jul 2022

Evaporative cooling imparting an economical cooling solution for warehouse

The article elaborates on how cooling solutions is vital for the smooth functioning of warehouses

Published : 6, Jul 2022

Data Privacy: Is Manufacturing Sector Vulnerable?

Every industry is vulnerable to cyber-attacks, be it the crypto industry, banking, healthcare, retail, manufacturing or even the government. Some industries have made sure all their...

Published : 31, May 2022

Are Start-ups Burning Down India's EV Growth?

Start-up-manufactured two-wheelers have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. With the scooters going up in flames across India, it is important to understand what went wrong...

Published : 27, May 2022

OPC-UA And Role In Industrial Automation

Ethernet-based OPC-UA communication could be the key to securing manufacturing's future. The article elaborates on the challenges of implementing it and how it can be a key enabler...

Published : 3, May 2022

Hydroponic Smart Farming – A Controlled Environment Agriculture Revolution in India

India, which is predominantly an agricultural country, needs innovations that can ensure lower time-to-market for commodities and carbon footprint, less food waste and through the year...

Published : 3, May 2022

From old to new: igus makes e-chain recycling easier

The igus installation service will now have old energy chains collected

Published : 3, May 2022

Aluminium, An Ingredient For Light-Weighting

Light-weighting play is essential to make a vehicle safer and lower emissions. The article discusses how aluminium is the right material for automotive light-weighting

Published : 27, Apr 2022

Manufacturing Of Ultra-Modern Defence Equipment

The enhanced FDI in Defence Sector up to 74 per cent through the automatic route for companies seeking new defence industrial license and up to 100 per cent by government route

Published : 25, Mar 2022