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How simulation helps determine the feasibility of a Startup Project

This article explores how simulation technology helps minimise risks, foster innovation, and reduce time to market for a startup.

Published : 15, Sep 2023

Machine vision and artificial intelligence: advancements in visual perception for industry 4.0

This article explores the key advancements in machine vision and AI, their applications in Industry 4.0, and their transformative impact on businesses.

Published : 28, Aug 2023

Here is what you didn’t know about EV Charging

Dispelling the misconceptions about EV charging speed is crucial for promoting the adoption of electric vehicles. This article talks about the factors influencing charging speed, and...

Published : 23, Aug 2023

India's EV charging landscape: Navigating challenges and charting a charged future

As the adoption of EV accelerates, demand for a robust and widespread EV charging infrastructure grows. Despite several challenges to its seamless implementation, the charge point operators...

Published : 10, Aug 2023

Wipro’s critical insights on cyber threats and trends

The report offers valuable insights on the evolving cyber landscape across three geographies and seven industry sectors.

Published : 3, Aug 2023

Indigenisation of battery manufacturing is the need of the hour: battery manufacturers

Battery manufacturers are voicing the need for developing a robust cell manufacturing ecosystem, new cell chemistries, and technologies to accelerate EV adoption in India.

Published : 2, Aug 2023

Vi Business shares insights on the digital readiness of MSMEs; launches the #ReadyForNext 2.0 program

Findings signal crucial need for digitalisation of MSMEs with Digital Maturity just between 55 to 60 per cent across industries. Collaboration & Productivity, Security, Cloud, and...

Published : 28, Jul 2023

Q2 2023 results: GE registers double-digit growth in orders and revenue

GE's orders and revenue grew double digits, led by robust services growth across their portfolio, increased demand at GE Aerospace and record renewable energy orders

Published : 26, Jul 2023

#TheFOMInspiringStories: Driving India's Economic Progress through Exports and Innovation

Amit Pendse, President, Electronica Plastic Machines Ltd underlined the importance of exports in India's economic progress.

Published : 25, Jul 2023

Revving up for ‘EV’olution

With the adoption of EVs picking up pace in India, manufacturers are facing a myriad of challenges impacting their growth. As they face every new challenge head-on, the manufacturers...

Published : 24, Jul 2023