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Building Resilience to the Supply Chain

While the pandemic did bring hurdles, we see more opportunity to source from India in the times to come, thereby making the country self-sufficient. By Raviraj Rodrigues

Published : 29, Sep 2020

Lapp Predictive Maintenance Box

At Hannover Messe 2019, we were able to present a corresponding prototype in our FutureLab for the first time - the Predictive Maintenance Box. By-Lapp Group

Published : 29, Jul 2020

The key to self-reliance

Digitisation gives a prompt boost to productivity, allowing projects to move faster and helps manufacturers to aim for more aggressive deadlines. By Shyam Motwani

Published : 24, Jul 2020

Dealing with Uncertainties

Automotive SCM is considered to be one of the strongest SCM across the industries. It is a fast-evolving, lean, and efficient model that has seen continuous improvement over decades,...

Published : 1, Jul 2020

Micro Forming and Machine Tools: Challenges and Opportunities

Micro forming is a well-suited technology to manufacture very small metallic parts, in particular for mass production, as they are required in many industrial as well as domestic products....


Transforming the automotive industry

Additive manufacturing has already ingrained itself at several steps of the production line, even among Indian automakers. Having started in the design and prototyping lab, 3D printing...

Published : 25, Jun 2020

Fast track business continuity efficiently and effectively

Useful information that will enable you to restart your operations and keep it running

Published : 9, Jun 2020

Thrust on ‘Make in India’

Manufacturers in India are looking at business continuity through a new lens and focusing on establishing their own domestic supply chains. By Shyam Motwani

Published : 4, Jun 2020

Conquering the auto tech frontier

In continuation of its campaign to recognise and encourage the role of women in manufacturing, The Machinist magazine presents two shining examples from Continental Automotive.

Published : 22, May 2020

World War C

“The Mighty C has changed the world completely in every sense and it continues to do so. And we are still fighting it at the global scale. We are still at War!”

Published : 22, May 2020