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OPC-UA And Role In Industrial Automation

Ethernet-based OPC-UA communication could be the key to securing manufacturing's future. The article elaborates on the challenges of implementing it and how it can be a key enabler...

Published : 3, May 2022

Hydroponic Smart Farming – A Controlled Environment Agriculture Revolution in India

India, which is predominantly an agricultural country, needs innovations that can ensure lower time-to-market for commodities and carbon footprint, less food waste and through the year...

Published : 3, May 2022

From old to new: igus makes e-chain recycling easier

The igus installation service will now have old energy chains collected

Published : 3, May 2022

Aluminium, An Ingredient For Light-Weighting

Light-weighting play is essential to make a vehicle safer and lower emissions. The article discusses how aluminium is the right material for automotive light-weighting

Published : 27, Apr 2022

Manufacturing Of Ultra-Modern Defence Equipment

The enhanced FDI in Defence Sector up to 74 per cent through the automatic route for companies seeking new defence industrial license and up to 100 per cent by government route

Published : 25, Mar 2022

Hikvision Technology Helps Steel Makers Improve Employee Safety And Efficiency 

Blast furnances in steel plants pose major potential health and safety risks due to its manual operations. Hikvision helps remote, real-time monitoring of furnance

Published : 25, Mar 2022

No time to waste – A sustainable path forward with digitalisation

Combined with the power of analytics and AI machine learning, industrial AI can promulgate sustainability with accelerated ROI. The article elaborates on trends in industrial AI driving...

Published : 4, Mar 2022

TRL Krosaki accelerates process of industrial transformation with PTC’s Thingworx

TRL Krosaki witnessed a 20% increase in productivity and a 60% reduction in time to backtrack issues through digital workflow

Published : 22, Feb 2022

Leading the way in environmental protection and conservation

Plastic has had a harmful effect on the environment for the longest time. The piece explains how igus has worked on building products with least environmental side effects and its sustainable...

Published : 17, Feb 2022

Automotive Industry Gets A Big Boost

The budget seeks to lay the foundation to steer the economy over the next 25 years. It lays out four wide-reaching priority areas covering infrastructure, inclusivity, productivity...

Published : 9, Feb 2022