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WIDMA launches vertical turning lathe

The new VT850 2-axis machine designed for large components requiring heavy metal removal.

Published : 27, Nov 2023

LVD introduces high speed panel benders

The panel benders are maintainance free, customisable and process large geometrics quickly.

Published : 27, Nov 2023

igus introduces affordable carriages made from recycled plastic

The new polymer carriages cost less than 20 per cent of their milled aluminium counterparts.

Published : 8, Nov 2023

Continental Strengthens Mobile Robotics Position with KINEXON Acquisition

The core of this acquisition is the ‘Brain’ on-board operating system, which is designed for precise and networked control of autonomous mobile transport robots.

Published : 2, Nov 2023

Godrej Security launches facial recognition access system

The face recognition reader authenticates the person against the templates stored in the database up to 4 metres, making it a 'walk-through reader’.

Published : 2, Nov 2023

Hexagon launches mould and die suite

This suite is designed to enhance operational efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver high-quality tools across various industries, such as automotive and aerospace.

Published : 22, Sep 2023

Swaraj Tractors launches 5 new products

Launched in the 40 to 50 HP range category the new range with an investment of Rs 200 crore

Published : 4, Sep 2023

igus introduces SnapChain 2.0: affordable, sustainable, and versatile energy supply solution

company unveils the snapchain 2.0 for low-stress and flat cable packages.

Published : 31, Aug 2023

Vetrotech introduces Smoke Barrier System solution to enhance fire safety in commercial buildings

The PYROSWISS® Smoke Barrier System guarantees smoke compartmentalisation, providing fire safety and high-security glass solutions for buildings.

Published : 30, Aug 2023

Tresa Motors to transform Indian Electric Trucks with its Flux 350

In a realm traditionally dominated by radial flux motors, Tresa's Axial Flux Motors break new ground with a unique axial magnetic flux configuration.

Published : 29, Aug 2023