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A New EV Scooter

Simple Energy is an Electric Vehicle (EV) start-up that focuses mainly on range anxiety, charging time and affordability. The company used Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform on...

Published : 16, Apr 2021

Saving Energy and Water

New precision irrigation carriage reduces water and fertiliser consumption by 75 per cent

Published : 31, Mar 2021

Redefining Laboratory Science

In what is the company’s most significant chromatography development in recent years, Waters is redefining laboratory science with its new ACQUITY PREMIER Liquid Chromatography Solution...

Published : 9, Mar 2021

3D printing service from igus: worldwide shipping of lubrication-free components

Wear-resistant functional components, prototypes and replacement parts configured easily and delivered quickly

Published : 14, Jan 2021

Lubrication-free adjustment of heavy loads with the new igus polymer lead screw nut

Wear-resistant dryspin lead screw nut for heavy-duty applications cost-effectively replaces ball screws

Published : 25, Dec 2020

64 per cent weight saved!

New cost-effective drylin telescopic rail made by injection moulding ensures easy extension

Published : 16, Nov 2020

Cables weighing tons guided by quickly mounted igus energy chain

Harnessed and tested e-loop energy supply system increases safety and reduces procurement and installation time

Published : 16, Nov 2020

Recycling used chains is good for the environment

igus initiates first recycling program worldwide for energy chains


Maintenance according to the traffic light principle

New intelligent solution for the predictive maintenance of the drylin W linear systems

Published : 30, Sep 2020