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Unveiling The Machinist Super Shopfloor Awards 2023 | ET Now Exclusive Episode!

By Rahul Kamat,

Added 21 July 2023

In this exclusive episode, we bring you the prestigious "The Machinist Super Shopfloor Awards 2023" ceremony, presented by The Machinist. Witness the celebration of excellence as we recognize and honor the best-in-class manufacturing companies that have demonstrated remarkable innovation, efficiency, and productivity on the shop floor.

Join us as we unveil the winners across various categories, showcasing their cutting-edge technologies, exceptional engineering practices, and commitment to sustainability. The Super Shopfloor Awards are a testament to the relentless efforts and outstanding contributions of these companies to the manufacturing and industrial sector.

Throughout this episode, you'll get a closer look at the incredible achievements and transformative initiatives that have set new benchmarks in the industry. From embracing Industry 4.0 technologies to optimizing production processes, these award-winning companies have truly redefined the future of manufacturing.

Our expert panel of judges, comprising industry leaders and veterans, rigorously assessed each nominee to ensure that only the most deserving candidates received this prestigious recognition. The journey to the top has been an inspiring one, and we can't wait to share their success stories with you.

So, hit that "Subscribe" button and ring the notification bell to stay tuned for this captivating episode of "The Machinist Super Shopfloor Awards 2023" on ET Now. Don't miss this chance to witness the brilliance and ingenuity that drives the growth of India's manufacturing sector.

Join us as we celebrate innovation, applaud excellence, and inspire the next generation of manufacturing leaders!


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