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Recycling used chains is good for the environment

Published : 26, Oct 2020

igus initiates first recycling program worldwide for energy chains


Maintenance according to the traffic light principle

Published : 30, Sep 2020

New intelligent solution for the predictive maintenance of the drylin W linear systems


ABB India opens new robotics facility

Published : 31, Jul 2020

To support the digital transformation of manufacturing in India


Even more productive linear robot with intelligent energy supply

Published : 3, Jul 2020

igus energy chain sensors monitor movement and measure wear


Safety at high speed

Published : 25, Jun 2020

Side-mounted energy chain from igus ensures reliable energy supply in high-speed lightweight linear robots


Universal Robots partners with Phillips Machine Tools India

Published : 25, Jun 2020

Extends its American partnership with Phillips Corporation to India


HCARD robot to assist Covid19 healthcare warriors

Published : 29, Apr 2020

Developed by Durgapur-based CSIR lab, Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute.


AIIMS Delhi to deploy robots by Milagrow in Covid19 ward

Published : 22, Apr 2020

These robots will help AIIMS to promote physical distancing between health workers and coronavirus infected patients


Large space, small price

Published : 16, Mar 2020

Motion plastics make igus delta robots cost-effective and low-maintenance


Continental Cooperation Portal automates software integration

Published : 27, Jan 2020

The online portal offers solution for automated software validation as well as integration and shortens development time, besides providing a central communications platform for projects....