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Move Expert to Integrate Tachograph Data

By kruti bharadva,

Added 05 November 2021

Integration of Continental VDO TIS-Web services into the Move Expert platform will bring customers exclusive functions, such as analysing driver and truck activities

MOVE EXPERT, a leader in Europe for posting  of drivers, and Continental, a pioneering developer of technologies and services, have signed a  partnership for the integration of functionalities from Continental’s TIS-Web fleet management  software into the Move Expert e-solution. This will ensure full compliance with the legal  requirements of the new EU Mobility Package from 2022 onwards. Move Expert will integrate VDO  TIS-Web software functionalities and driver data into its new driver management platform, thus  connecting two powerful e-solutions. The partnership will fulfill Move Expert’s vision to develop a  wide range of services for drivers in Europe, and Continental will benefit from a large eastern  European coverage. 

Mobility Package with new legal requirements 

This strong partnership will create a unique e-solution for managing drivers’ compliance with new  requirements related to the Mobility Package. Planned for February 2022, the package will bring  about an unprecedented change in the road transport market and impact the ability to organize  transport activities in compliance with social legislation in 28 countries. Moreover, a harmonized  European version of the national rating systems is also coming into force that will increase the  need to monitor drivers and keep track of infringements by companies. 

New e-solution for simple driver management  

Integration of Continental VDO TIS-Web services into the Move Expert platform will give customers  exclusive functions, allowing them to analyze driver and truck activities, manage posting of workers  in 28 countries, obtain legal assistance and receive local qualified customer care in more than 15  countries and 25 languages. Companies from eastern Europe will especially benefit from the  service. In addition to the upgraded interface of the Move Expert platform, thanks to VDO solutions  for monitoring driver data remotely or in real time, customers will be enabled to proactively  coordinate driver and truck activities and reduce risks of infringements.


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