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Fast Connect Cable From igus

Published : 30, Jun 2021

New flexible chainflex Profinet cable saves time-consuming stripping with knife and pliers


e-Spool Flex: Guide Cables

Published : 17, May 2021

New igus cable reel with worm guide ensures more safety on operating panels and in assembly areas


CAMWorks announces partnership with CIMTechnology

Published : 9, Sep 2020

Will allow customers of both companies access to a culmination of technology


OLL and NEC to build the MIST Cable System

Published : 21, Aug 2020

More than 216Tbps capacity to serve bandwidth growth in Asia


Lapp Predictive Maintenance Box

Published : 29, Jul 2020

At Hannover Messe 2019, we were able to present a corresponding prototype in our FutureLab for the first time - the Predictive Maintenance Box. By-Lapp Group


Easy mounting of ball pins by hand

Published : 23, Jul 2020

Effortless assembly and separation with constant holding force possible with the clip-on spherical bearing bushing from igus


Even more productive linear robot with intelligent energy supply

Published : 3, Jul 2020

igus energy chain sensors monitor movement and measure wear


Safety at high speed

Published : 25, Jun 2020

Side-mounted energy chain from igus ensures reliable energy supply in high-speed lightweight linear robots


Benefiting from digitalisation: Standardisation & automation at LAPP

Published : 20, Apr 2020

Standards are a good thing. They make sure that an M6 screw always fits an M6 thread. Our industry is no different. By Alexander Lapp