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OPC-UA And Role In Industrial Automation

Published : 3, May 2022

Ethernet-based OPC-UA communication could be the key to securing manufacturing's future. The article elaborates on the challenges of implementing it and how it can be a key enabler...


Hydroponic Smart Farming – A Controlled Environment Agriculture Revolution in India

Published : 3, May 2022

India, which is predominantly an agricultural country, needs innovations that can ensure lower time-to-market for commodities and carbon footprint, less food waste and through the year...


From old to new: igus makes e-chain recycling easier

Published : 3, May 2022

The igus installation service will now have old energy chains collected


Igus Trapezoidal Thread Achieves 82 Per Cent Efficiency

Published : 4, Apr 2022

Harmonised lead screws and lubrication-free lead screw nuts extend service life by 30 per cent


NASSCOM CoE launches ‘Smart Manufacturing Forum’ for MSMEs

Published : 25, Feb 2022

The ‘Smart Manufacturing Forum’ of NASSCOM COE aims at helping MSMEs and select large enterprises to achieve manufacturing transformation using a digital edge


TRL Krosaki accelerates process of industrial transformation with PTC’s Thingworx

Published : 22, Feb 2022

TRL Krosaki witnessed a 20% increase in productivity and a 60% reduction in time to backtrack issues through digital workflow


Toshiba Johnson Elevators secures to supply 168 elevators

Published : 25, Oct 2021

Elevators will be installed across RMZ’s flagship projects – ECOWORLD 30 in Bengaluru and Nexity & Spire in Hyderabad


The Global Manufacturing Show- Revival of the Manufacturing Industry

Published : 18, May 2021

a brief preview of an unique television show, covering all aspects of Indian manufacturing and its growth and direction


Together for Tomorrow

Published : 23, Apr 2021

Global manufacturer Milliken & Company has released its third annual corporate sustainability report, entitled Together for Tomorrow.


A New EV Scooter

Published : 16, Apr 2021

Simple Energy is an Electric Vehicle (EV) start-up that focuses mainly on range anxiety, charging time and affordability. The company used Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform on...