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igus introduces SnapChain 2.0: affordable, sustainable, and versatile energy supply solution

company unveils the snapchain 2.0 for low-stress and flat cable packages.

Published : 31, Aug 2023

igus 3D printing service now comes with service life prediction

Customers can simply upload their STEP or STL files, calculate the service life, choose the appropriate material, and place the order.

Published : 3, Aug 2023

The igus E4Q.64L – same benefits at a lower cost

Depending on the width, the low-cost version of the energy chain costs between 15 per cent and 20 per cent less than the E4Q.

Published : 3, Aug 2023

“Unleash your engineering power with play” igus revolutionises engineering with new products

By providing easy access to the right motion plastics products, igus empowers engineers to enjoy their work while minimising carbon footprint and plastic waste.

Published : 13, Jun 2023

Igus to invest Rs 100 crore to strengthen operations in India

Aims to increase availability of items and establish value adding processes at its new plant in Bengaluru.

Published : 6, Jun 2023

CFSPECIAL.192: igus develops first chainflex hybrid cable for hanging applications

The hybrid cable reduces costs for customers by eliminating the need for a second cable and time-consuming cable bracing in the energy chain.

Published : 8, May 2023

igus expands its igubal FC series with a new double joint

It is now possible to minimise the risk of a costly recall with detectors recognising even the smallest parts of the components.

Published : 8, May 2023

Igus Hybrid Cables Save Installation Space, Weight And Construction Time

the readycable series includes two models: a hybrid cable for motors from SEW-EURODRIVE, a German manufacturer, with the MOVILINK DDI interface, and a hybrid cable for Siemens servo...

Published : 18, Nov 2022

Igus Chainflex CASE S Cable Drum Space Saver

Save 50 per cent space: igus supplements the chainflex CASE M for cable drums with CASE S specifically for thin cables

Published : 6, Oct 2022

ECOlogical: igus' first range of regranulated tribo-plastics bearings

The sustainable iglidur ECO H, ECO P, ECO A180 and ECO G materials consist of regranulates and thus conserve resources

Published : 7, Sep 2022