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Data Analytics To Enable Smart Manufacturing

With Industry 4.0 revolution in place, the article elaborates on how data analytics will be a game changer in truly making a manufacturing set-up smart.

Published : 20, Dec 2022

Can AI-Driven Hyper-Automation Redefine Manufacturing Industry?

Artificial intelligence and hyper-automation can offer increased efficiencies, reduced costs, improved quality and reduced downtime, and these benefits together can change the manufacturing...

Published : 9, Dec 2022

India takes over as Council Chair of Global Partnership on AI

This comes close on the heels of India taking over the presidency of G20, a league of world’s largest economies at Bali, Indonesia.


Top 5 digital transformation trends shaping the organizations

The digital transformation has many benefits, including improved customer service, more productive staff, digitization, and increased profitability.

Published : 21, Nov 2022

Upside AI partners with Smallcase for tech-led investment products

At present, Upside AI serves high net worth individuals and family offices with minimum ticket sizes over Rs 50 lakh, while the products under this association are tailored to meet...

Published : 9, Feb 2022

Hikvision announces technology integration with Irida Labs for intelligent manufacturing and logistics

The integration provides intelligent vision AI solutions for manufacturing and logistics sectors to manage warehouses and plants in real-time.

Published : 24, Jan 2022

Race to Catch Up in Artificial Intelligence

In order for Germany to catch up in the area of artificial intelligence (AI), Continental is calling for a fundamental shift in the training of AI specialists in universities

Published : 23, Jul 2021

Continental developing a code of ethics for use of AI

Decisions taken by self-learning systems must be transparent and understandable

Published : 10, Jun 2020

Thrust on ‘Make in India’

Manufacturers in India are looking at business continuity through a new lens and focusing on establishing their own domestic supply chains. By Shyam Motwani

Published : 4, Jun 2020

New-age technologies to add to India’s GDP: NITI Ayog

NITI Aayog, Atal Innovation Mission has rolled out an AI-based module in collaboration with NASSCOM.

Published : 28, Feb 2020