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The CHIRON Group launches three new machining centers

By Guest Author,

Added 12 November 2018

New machine generations for high-precision and dynamic CNC machining


Visitors at the AMB trade fair 2018 in Stuttgart experienced three all-new innovations at the CHIRON Group's trade fair stand. The turnkey specialist will be demonstrated the new machine generations for high-precision, dynamic CNC machining from CHIRON and STAMA. "The FZ16 S five axis and the DZ16 W from CHIRON were designed to meet the growing requirements in machining production and the increasing complexity of machined workpieces," explained Dr. Claus Eppler, Head of Research and Development at CHIRON. "The STAMA MT 733 two is the complete machining solution for high-precision components with numerous machining steps and tools in mixed milling/turning processes," commented Dr Guido Spachtholz, Managing Director at STAMA. "Our initial machining results indicate that we can expect an increase in productivity of up to 30% compared with the previous system," he added.

In addition, the two CHIRON Group companies CHIRON and STAMA are using their new series to enhance their market profiles. Productivity and precision are key market attributes of both brands when it comes to CNC vertical milling and milling/turning machining centers. The CHIRON brand is also known for excellent dynamics, while STAMA focuses on stability. This enables maximum cutting forces when working with high-strength materials that are difficult to machine. Thanks to their gantry design, both series are characterized by high rigidity.

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