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Click and Ready!

By Swati Deshpande,

Added 15 October 2018

Harting expands its portfolio of PushPull plugs


The word plug comes from to plug in. That’s how easy it usually is to transfer data or power with household appliances or smartphones. Plug in and ready to go. In industry, however, the requirements are much higher and interfaces must be locked in order to ensure proper protection. To be able to connect data, signals and power more quickly and without tools in the future, HARTING is expanding its portfolio of PushPull plugs. Secure connections in a single hand movement.

Interfaces in industrial applications are subject to higher demands. On the one hand, there are external factors such as moisture, dust, noxious gases or vibrations, which can impair or interfere with a connection. On the other hand, it is important to consider handling and ease-of-use by operating personnel. The protection of a connection has the highest priority in order to prevent the worst case scenario of system failure or destruction. Nevertheless, plug operation must be easy and user-friendly. Over the years, different companies have developed such a diverse array of plug types and ensured their continued presence on the market. Plugs are usually sealed and made resistant against dirt or unintentional loosening through vibration by means of a lock. This can be achieved using threaded connections, e.g. by screwing the connector itself, by levers, clips or many other systems. However, this approach often requires tools for assembly, as well as trained installation personnel to estimate the correct fit of the plug.

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