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Technology Foundation for Industry 4.0 – Industrial PC based Control

By Guest Author,

Added 04 September 2018

Beckhoff demonstrates PC Control Technology as basis for Industry 4.0 at Automation Expo 2018


Beckhoff showcased how PC based Control technology forms the foundation for implementing Industry4.0 with an open Automation & IT software platform using Industrial PC, TwinCAT software & EtherCAT fieldbus.

Located at Hall 1 Booth C4 and in Industry 4.0 Zone in Hall 2 Beckhoff booths drew huge footfall generating interest from end users, system houses, EPC companies & many other industry visitors.

Automation Expo 2018 is India’s leading trade fair for Automation industry is an excellent business platform for industrial automation engineers. Beckhoff displayed the technology for Industry4.0 like IoT Coupler EK9160, Compact IPCs like C6015, technology products for Process Automation, Measurement Automation, Motion Control solutions and more over displayed how Embedded PCs & Compact Industrial PCs can become edge devices in addition to machine control system.

By integrating comprehensive IoT and analytics functionality, PC based control technology opens up a wealth of options to optimise production. System consistency in the control platform ensures simple implementation and high transparency:

To illustrate the technology of PC Control, Beckhoff demonstrated the how TwinCAT establishes connectivity with different machine controllers with different fieldbus protocols and acquires process data. 

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