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TRL Krosaki accelerates process of industrial transformation with PTC’s Thingworx

TRL Krosaki witnessed a 20% increase in productivity and a 60% reduction in time to backtrack issues through digital workflow

Published : 22, Feb 2022

At the Heart of Intelligent Transformation

The implied effects of the pandemic in the manufacturing sector has led to an exploration of how to use robotics, 3D printing, and AI to improve the R&D process and reduce uncertainty...

Published : 5, Oct 2021

Evolving SCM in a Post-Pandemic Era

R Jayaraman talks about the evolution of supply chain management in a covid and post-covid era

Published : 6, Sep 2021

Flip Side of The Coin

The industry 4.0 revolution has brought about unprecedented levels of efficiency in manufacturing. But it also comes with its own set of challenges, the biggest one being cybersecurity...

Published : 3, Aug 2021

Knowledge Lens launches Universal Data Diode

A Make in India product, iLens Data Diode provides secured unidirectional data flow between OT and IT Networks, thus providing 100 per cent protection from cyber threats and ransomware...

Published : 29, Jul 2021

Operational Technology Transformation Solution

Designed for the manufacturing industry, the solution improves visibility, security & service of Operational Technology assets

Published : 27, May 2021

Moving down the Smart Manufacturing Highway

Sridhar Dharmarajan, EVP & MD, Hexagon India and MSC Software IndoPACIFIC, takes us through the latest in smart manufacturing and sustainability solutions

Published : 27, May 2021

Digitisation – A Holistic Approach

Alexander Lapp, Senior Manager, Digitalization and E-business, takes us through his company’s digitisation journey and expounds upon why it is better to drive the process internally...

Published : 6, May 2021

Intel Launches Skills Course For Women

Intel, Fastrack to IT (FIT) and the Kildare and Wicklow Education and Training Board have launched a new manufacturing skills programme for women in Ireland

Published : 30, Mar 2021

PTC Webinar ‘Future Factory Now' concludes successfully

Virtual event by The Machinist focused on manufacturing in the #NewNormal

Published : 29, Jan 2021