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Gears, gear components & assemblies

By Guest Author,

Added 25 April 2018


The product range of Eppinger covers: spiral bevel gear sets – 10 to 1 ratio dia 457 mm; 2 to 1 ratio – dia 406 mm, module up to 12.7; 1 to 1 ratio – dia 323 mm; hobbed gear – dia 500 mm x 8 m; hardened and profile ground spur and helical gears – dia 330 mm x 5 m; internal gears – dia 152 mm x 3 m; and custom built/non-standard gears and gear assemblies. While Eppinger Gears are exported to Europe, Korea, etc., in the domestic market, it is very well received for almost all critical applications like machine tools, railways, textiles, automation, automotive, engineering, pumps, compressors, printing machines, etc.,

Attention to details, superior engineering practices, ultra modern manufacturing facilities, very high degree of process discipline and ‘cutting edge’ quality control techniques help Eppinger Gears rollout products which are unmatched in quality and performance. This USP
makes Eppinger Gears an icon among the equals.

Eppinger Tooling Asia Pvt Ltd offers a wide range of Gears, Gear Components and Gear Assemblies. Established in 1925 in Denkendorf, Germany, today the company is well equipped to offer a wide range of gear assemblies, gear components and high
precision gears—both standard and custom built. State-of-the-art manufacturing and quality control facilities ensure top quality, way above the local makes.

For more details, contact:
Eppinger Tooling Asia Private Limited

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