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Electric bending machine

By Guest Author,

Added 14 January 2018

for tubes up to 16mm outside diameter


The AMT 16 is an all-electric tube bending machine, formerly
known as the Tulip 19, for tubes up to 16mm outside diameter,
with a patented design allowing bending on two levels in both
directions (right or left hand). With fewer components and less
tool complexity than conventional bending machines, the result is a
simple and compact machine design that increases production at a
lower cost.

For a fully automated cycle, the AMT 16 bending machine is paired with a Kuka robot, with the robot handling the tube from loading to unloading. The flexibility and speed of the robot, combined with the patented multi-stack, two-radius bend head, allow the AMT 16 to bend the most complex part shapes (up to 3 different compound bends) in a cycle time faster than conventional mandrel bending.

Other operations such as endforming, marking, or cutting can also be integrated into the AMT 16 bending cell for a fully automated tube forming solution. Among other applications, the AMT 16 is well suited for bending components such as automotive fuel and brake lines, as well as air-conditioning lines. Additionally, it is capable of bending tubes with rubber fittings.


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