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Eicher Trucks & Buses introduces truck with AMT

By Swati Deshpande,

Added 29 January 2019

In the 16T category- Eicher Pro 3016 AMT


Eicher Trucks & Buses introduced state-of-the-art AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) technology in the 16T category- Eicher Pro 3016 AMT. This industry First 16 ton GVW AMT truck-The Eicher Pro 3016 AMT is equipped with an Intelligent Shift Control Actuator that automatically performs clutch and shift operations which completely eliminates the need to use the clutch and shift gears manually. The Pro 3016 AMT comes with Auto and Manual modes along with Transmission drivability features, that is, Power mode for time bound deliveries and Eco mode for Fuel Efficient operations. With this new development, Eicher’s further reinforces its vision of driving modernization in commercial transportation in India and developing world.

The biggest advantage of Eicher Pro 3016 AMT is that it comes with additional driving comfort over manual transmission-equipped models. The elimination of a clutch pedal frees drivers from gear-shifting, reduces their stress & fatigue and minimizes performance gap between skilled and less experienced drivers. Pro 3016 AMT has been equipped to address challenges around driver safety, comfort and protection of cargo, thus ensuring fast and efficient movement of goods. This makes the vehicles apt for variety of applications such as ecommerce, consumer goods, parcel & courier, pharmaceuticals, industrial goods, agriculture produce, poultry and dairy products.

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