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Covestro will continue focus on digitalization

By Niranjan Mudholkar,

Added 08 June 2018

Priority given to the areas of facility engineering, operations and manufacturing on a global scale


Covestro employees Rafael Raschka (left) and Heinz-Wilhelm Tiegelkamp carry out maintenance work using mobile data at the production site in Krefeld-Uerdingen. Source: Covestro

With a comprehensive program, Covestro is driving digitalization forward in operations: The materials manufacturer is collecting and analyzing production data already since many years. Now, Covestro has taken the next step in digitalizing its operating business. The program will be rolled out globally in the coming years. Priority is being given to the areas of facility engineering, operations and manufacturing on a global scale. It is intended to make processes even more efficient.

“We will foster the further digitalization of Covestro. We are building on many years of experience in working with data. Now, we are entering into the next dimension,” explains Klaus Schäfer, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Covestro and responsible for Production and Technology. “Today, digital solutions contribute significantly in making life easier and simplifying work. They have become standard in everyday life. Digitalization has a huge impact on the chemical industry, too. With new digital applications, we at Covestro want to make production processes even more efficient and sustainable.”

“We take advantage of the vast opportunities provided by digitalization. In operations, we have already started to set new standards which imply also changing some job profiles,” explains Covestro Chief Technology Officer Klaus Schäfer. “The chemical industry is driven by innovation and change since decades. We have developed our employees ever since and we will do that in the future: we want everybody to join the journey of digitalization.”

This will pave the way for an even quicker adaption of new workflows in order to prove the important position of Covestro in digital operations.


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