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ZF wants to collaborate with start-ups

By Niranjan Mudholkar,

Added 22 September 2017

ZF CDO Mamatha Chamarthi shares her vision on how ZF can benefit from working with start-ups at the NASSCOM Design and Engineering Summit 2017


Key developments that are impacting technology companies like ZF are shorter innovation cycles, new business models and new software solutions. ZF promises to deliver intelligent mechanical systems that enable vehicles to see, think and act. However, to do so, ZF needs innovations and new ways of thinking – from inside and outside the company. In light of the changing industry dynamics, ZF is giving budding start-ups an opportunity for long-term associations and/or direct investments. Expanding partnerships with start-ups allows ZF greater innovations in engineering and accelerated speed to market.

ZF is working towards building a closer link to young and innovative enterprises dealing with disruptive trends and opportunities related to connected mobility. For ZF, the continuous engagement could provide ideas as well as new and possibly unconventional solutions. These may not be limited to traditional technologies but other new mobility innovations.

“Collaboration with start-ups will accelerate the digitalization of our products, processes and culture. Expanding our partnerships with newly emerging start-ups alongside our traditional partners will help us to deliver added value to our customers through enhanced products and services”, explains Mamatha Chamarthi, Chief Digital Officer of ZF. “ZF has multiple benefits from working with start-ups including unconventional thinking, creative new processes and quick turnaround of an idea to a scalable product. Moreover, the closer contact to start-ups will have a positive influence on our corporate culture”, she further adds.

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