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ACE List 2018 - P. Kaniappan, Managing Director, WABCO India Ltd

By Swati Deshpande,

Added 30 August 2018

Leading auto components manufacturers'journey towards excellence.


P. Kaniappan who is the Managing Director of WABCO India Ltd. says that the company’s success lies in aligning with its customer’s manufacturing footprint. “To work along with our customers, we have five world-class manufacturing sites located in Ambattur, Jamshedpur, Mahindra World City, Pantnagar and Lucknow. Worldwide, WABCO has 27 factories,” he informs.

Under his leadership, WABCO India achieved sales growth of 15.8 percent during FY 2017–18. “The company reported sales of Rs. 2,611 crores in FY 2017–18. The sale to OEMs grew by 23 percent, which is 16 percent above the market growth of 7 percent. This market outperformance was achieved by introducing and increasing the market share of new products, and increasing the share of business of existing products. We expect the growth momentum to continue in line with post GST trend,” says Kaniappan.

The company has recently announced its first major steering system deal in India with Tata Motors. “Through this partnership, WABCO India is equipping the manufacturer with its hydraulic power steering systems and helping them meet increasing demand for new heavy duty trucks. Our globalized integrated supply chain, local engineering expertise and ability to rapidly respond to Tata Motors’ requirements, are helping ensure this original equipment manufacturer’s continued success as India’s commercial vehicle market leader.”

Speaking on the transformation that the automotive industry going through, Kaniappan says, “As our industry strives toward environmental sustainability through cleaner, greener vehicles, WABCO India is innovating technologies for the rapidly expanding electric vehicles market. The Indian commercial vehicle industry is witnessing a trend towards electrification of buses as a first mover followed by trucks.”

How is the company gearing up for these transformations? Answering this, Kaniappan suggests, “WABCO India has a clear roadmap for autonomous driving, connectivity and electric vehicles and will play a major role in driving these industry mega trends. The company has expanded into new segments like off- highway, defense, luxury bus, car and trailers and looks forward to the following strategic opportunities in the coming years.” The company also has penetration roadmap for newer technologies. “These technologies include Electronic Stability Control, Intelligent Trailer program, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Door System, Fleet Management Solutions, Air Disc Brake, e–Compressor, Electronic
Braking System and Smart Suspension. Additionally, partner with trailer customers for implementing trailer Anti-Lock Braking Systems & Electronic Braking Systems,” he concludes.


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