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Metal packaging production at top speed manufactures around 180-200 aerosol cans per minute

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Added 30 June 2016

A case study on Alumatic Cans Pvt Ltd

Innovative knuckle-joint drive

The XS series has four articulated joints in the design of its knuckle-joint drive as compared to conventional impact extrusion presses with three. This creates slide motion characteristics that are especially favorable for both speed and part quality with very long nominal forming travel. The slower impact speed on the slugs provides protection for the punches and ensures longer tool lifetime.

Thanks to the longer nominal force stroke, more material can be formed and therefore thicker slugs. The forming stroke of the X250S is 20 mm, which is about three times that of conventional presses. Thus, the XS presses are much more flexible in their range of applications. Significantly larger and more complex parts can be produced on this series.

Compared to a conventional impact extrusion press, the forward motion of the slide on the XS press is faster. Towards front dead center it becomes slower than on a press with conventional drive. Thanks to the slower slide speed, the impact is softer than on a conventional press with the same stroke rate. After impact, the slide motion is more constant and guarantees very uniform speed forming. The slide return stroke of the XS starts earlier and has the same speed as a conventional press.

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