“Metal packaging production at top speed manufactures around 180-200 aerosol cans per minute”

For more than half a year now, a Schuler impact extrusion press has been at the very heart of a new production line at Alumatic Cans Pvt Ltd. With the help of the X-250S, the company located in Pune manufactures around 180-200 aerosol cans per minute. The metal packaging press was delivered by Schuler including slug feeder and tools, the rest of the line by PacksysGlobal Thailand.

"None of the production lines we have already operated before is as fast as the one with the X-250S at its center," states Danesh Sayani, Managing Director, Alumatic Cans. "Schuler has not only installed the press on-site, but also ensured that it fits into the production process. The Service experts are always available in case of any problems," he added.

Alumatic Cans, established in 2011, started manufacturing one year later and supplies monobloc aluminium aerosol cans, aluminum rigid cans and aluminum vitamin containers both internationally and locally. With an annual capacity of more than 70 million units, it is one of India's leading manufacturers today. "We are dedicated to provide 100 percent customer satisfaction with a strong commitment to quality, service and product innovation," Sayani says.

The most important feature of Schuler's XS series is the motion characteristic of the knuckle-joint. This design provides a slide motion that permits higher production speeds. At the same time, it improves part quality and broadens the spectrum of possible parts that can be made on the press. Other performance enhancing design features complement the motion characteristics.

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