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‘All-In-One’ Laser Precision Machining Of Diamond Tools

By Anvita Pillai, @Anvitap21,

Added 09 June 2022

EWAG's new laser processing machine offers excellent surface quality, even on tools with complex or delicate geometries


EWAG presents a new laser processing machine, the Laser Line Precision – the perfect device for the modern tool manufacturer wanting to get started in laser technology. The latest short-pulse fibre-laser technology used in the green-wavelength range (532 nm) offers highly efficient machining results for the commercially available diamond cutting materials such as CBN, PKD and CVC-D. Rotationally symmetrical tools of up to 200 mm diameter and up to 250 mm length, as well as indexable inserts from 3 mm, inscribed diameter and up to 50 mm, the circumscribed diameter can be machined without force with the LASER LINE PRECISION.

The unique and patented Laser Touch Machining® machining process offers excellent surface quality, even on tools with complex or delicate geometries. Any cutting contours, clearances and 3D machining of chip breaker geometries can be performed in one clamping operation. The resulting flue gas and the vaporised material are suctioned away and carried to a corresponding suction/filter system.

With a footprint of only 5 sqm, compared to the globally tried-and-tested Laser Line Ultra, the Laser Line Precision is the most compact high-end laser production centre for super hard tools. An optional 6-axis robot offers the highest flexibility during minimally manned multi-shift operation.

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