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The new EVOline knurling system

By kruti bharadva,

Added 27 May 2021

The evolution continues: with the TK EVO, precision tool manufacturer LMT Tools is expanding its successful EVOline product family to include a tangential knurling system specifically for machining knurled components. The new knurling system guarantees the highest profile quality with extremely short machining times, a high degree of process reliability, and safe, simple tool handling - making it the first choice for producing knurled profiles in the tangential process


Whether it's a gearshift knob or a drive shaft, whether decorative or high-precision: knurls come in a wide range of variants with the most diverse technical requirements. Extreme quality requirements characterize knurl production in the e-mobility and automotive sectors in particular, and this trend is increasing. LMT Tools has developed the innovative EVOline tangential knurling system to meet the individual requirements for knurling and at the same time enable fast, economical and reliable production.

Maximum stability for highest knurling quality

The new EVOline knurling system is a robust monoblock tool with individually designed knurling rollers. The sturdily designed rolling head body with its force flow-oriented component structures ensures high rigidity and guarantees precise knurling profiles for top component quality. The chipless forming process and the precision of the roller also contribute to the high profile accuracy. The integrated cooling and flushing nozzles are manually adjustable and reach the effective zone in a targeted manner.

Rolling instead of machining

The roller system moves onto the workpiece with tangential feed and forms the desired profile. Rolling offers significant advantages over machining processes. Since the material fibers are not cut during cold forming but only displaced, high component strength and constant dimensional accuracy can be achieved. The user also benefits from high cost-efficiency thanks to short production times and high process reliability. For example, the rolling time with the TK EVO is generally less than two seconds. Incidentally, with tangential rolling it is also possible to produce profiles in front of or behind a shoulder collar or interfering contour.

Safe and easy tool handling

Installation of the EVOline knurling system is quick and error-free thanks to defined installation positions and a labeling system with specific product information. Tools are not required for installation and removal. The roll diameter can be set very easily and precisely, thanks to fine adjustment with accuracies in the μ-range. Rolls can also be changed in just a few simple steps. The compact design of the knurling system also allows integration into many existing processes.

The optimum solution for every knurl

Fast, precise and economical: with the new EVOline knurling system, LMT Tools offers a tool that is both powerful and user-friendly for the first-class processing of knurling profiles, be they simple applications or difficult high-performance knurls. The compact knurling head design, the stable design of the knurling body and rollers specially designed for the customer's component with extremely tight tolerances allow both component quality and efficiency to be increased while reducing manufacturing costs.


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