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BMT tool disc & holders

By Guest Author,

Added 15 December 2018

Mounted Turret


BMT or the ‘Base Mounted Turret’ is often thought to be more rigid setup overall. Without any doubt it is one of the most stable turrets available on a lathe machine tool. The BMT holder will mount solidly
to the face of tool disc and secured with 4 socket head cap screws which ensures stability on heavy duty machining operations.

The BMT tool holders that are mounted on the surface of a tool disc are located by 4 keys.

These keys eliminate the need for indicating the tool holder to straighten it, which is often necessary with VDI tool holders. This decreases setup time thereby lessening the overall cycle time.

Sphoorti Machine Tools’ BMT holders range from BMT45, 55, 65, 75 & 85 along and they comply to Japanese standards.

The company also offers driven tool holder axial and radial in all range from BMT45 to BMT85 as per the Japanese standard.

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