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MVS Modular Connection System from Allied Machine

By Niranjan Mudholkar,

Added 14 March 2017

Superior strength provides superior quality and accuracy in drilling applications


Allied Machine & Engineering announces the continued success of Wohlhaupter’s MVS modular connection system. As the original developer of modular tooling systems, Wohlhaupter shares its expertise with the drilling industry in the form of time-tested quality products, now part of Allied’s solutions for holemaking and finishing challenges.

Part of the Multibore collection, the MVS connection is a flexible system designed primarily for drilling and boring, with application possibilities in tapping, endmilling, and light shell milling.

The MVS connection is a modular connection that allows for extended lengths or reduced diameters by using a series of components engineered for flexible adaptation to a manufacturing application.

It comes in four sizes to accommodate the diameter range of the boring required: MVS 50-28, 63-36, 80-36, and 100- 56. Operators can easily build and change tooling components and this flexibility lets the MVS system work accurately for almost any project needs.         

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