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Top performance you can see from the colour

By Niranjan Mudholkar,

Added 08 November 2015

The red Color Select grade WKK45C will soon be available for cast iron workpieces.


The new Color Select P6005-WKK45C indexable insert for Xtra•tec® point drilling and boring tools has been optimised for use with cast iron workpieces. Walter manufactures this insert with a diameter of 12 to 29,77 mm. The colour of its coating indicates which ISO material group it should be used with. Image: Walter AG

Xtra·tec® B401x point drills are high-performance tools for drilling applications. They are equipped with Color Select P600x indexable inserts, which are suitable for use with a variety of materials.

The unique range of colours used for their coatings was developed by Walter experts and are based on the colours used to designate ISO material groups. They immediately show users which cutting material grade for which application they have in their hands. The colour also acts as a wear indicator.

The red Color Select grade WKK45C will soon be available for cast iron workpieces. The substrate, its coating and geometry have been developed to suit the typical properties of cast iron: Brittle, irregular structure, inclusions and crusty surfaces.

These properties place a great deal of strain on the cutting edges, which means that temperatures also increase very quickly while machining. The new WKK45C cutting tool material has a multilayer PVD coating which counteracts this: It consists of a combination of highly wear-resistant layers and supporting layers that give the material its toughness.

The relationship between hardness and toughness is therefore optimal for working on ISO K materials; cracks are prevented from forming and spreading. The structure of the coating is thicker than that of standard single-layer coatings, which gives it exceptional heat shielding characteristics. The result is a considerably higher level of productivity and process reliability when drilling in ISO K materials.

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