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Emerson to innovate brewers

By The Machinist Team,

Added 21 February 2020

The move will revamp, automate and modernise a pilot brewery with research groups training engineers with advanced digital automation technologies.


Emerson has announced joining hands with Ghent University (UGent) and University College Ghent (HOGENT) in Ghent, Belgium, to revamp, automate and modernise a pilot brewery, including providing equipment and support services. The two institutions share a common brewery research group in the laboratory for brewing and fermentation science and technology.
The laboratory offers hands-on training using the latest digital automation technologies to educate the next-generation workforce, close skills gaps and enable digital transformation throughout the region’s brewing industry, where technology is key to keeping pace with the increasing demand for craft beer.
The project further expands Emerson’s initiative to collaborate with higher education institutions and its commitment with both schools to build a globally competitive craft brewing and brewing industry in Flanders, Belgium and throughout Europe. The students and stakeholders in the region will have access to advanced automation technologies and fermentation sciences expertise, helping build a highly skilled workforce.
The newly upgraded pilot brewery, located within the laboratory, will attract and train students, academics and engineering professionals on how to use next-generation automation technologies in a safe, interactive learning environment.
“We are focused on helping train the digital workforce of the future while advancing education, innovation and diversity in the brewing industry,” said Roel Van Doren, president of Europe for Emerson’s Automation Solutions business. “We look forward to a strong and continued partnership with UGent and HOGENT.”

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