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“There is a demand for energy-efficient appliances, and we see this as an opportunity”

By Dipika Lalwani,

Added 18 September 2023

Kent is a market leader with 40 per cent market share in the RO sector. The company now seeks to diversify its portfolio and provide smart solutions in every corner of the Indian household. Mahesh Gupta, CMD, Kent RO Systems, explains how they keep expanding their presence while adapting to technologies and evolving themself with changing customer demands.


Can you provide an overview of KENT RO Systems Limited and its role in the home appliance industry?

As Kent we stand for ‘House of Purity’ and aim to provide purity solutions in every corner of the house. We started with Purity of Water, which is our lifeline. Today, we are the largest Manufacturer of RO water purifiers and hold the largest market share in the water purifier industry.

Our outlook on home appliances is no different. Every homemaker wants to maintain home hygiene to the fullest, and we at Kent want to become their partner by providing home appliances which maintain home hygiene, and thus Kitchen Appliances, Air Purifiers, Vacuum Cleaners, Hand Hygiene products were launched.

The TMR study projects a CAGR of 10.5 percent for the water purifier market from 2022 to 2031. How is Kent RO aligning its strategies to leverage this growth?

We are concentrating on tailoring solutions to accommodate a wide array of consumer requirements, while ensuring that we uphold the quality and dependability which comes with our brand.

Additionally, we are focusing on research, with respect to the market and sustainability along with adherence to regulations. Our area of focus also entails broadening our distribution networks with special emphasis on post-purchase services.

With a growing population and urbanisation, the scarcity of accessible clean water is projected to worsen. How does Kent RO view its role in providing a practical solution for urban consumers who are faced with limited access to purified water?

We aim to be pivotal players in this regard. By offering advanced water purification solutions, we aim to provide practical remedies to urban consumers grappling with restricted access to purified water. Through innovative technologies and a range of purification products, RO companies contribute to ensuring a sustainable supply of safe drinking water, safeguarding public health, and alleviating the challenges posed by water scarcity in urban environments.

The market has witnessed a shift towards portable water purifiers. How has Kent RO responded to this trend?

Contrary to the notion of a market shift towards portable water purifiers, the market is indeed expanding, particularly at the entry point, with a significant surge in demand for portable and budget-friendly products.

Meanwhile, the RO (Reverse Osmosis) segment is experiencing rapid growth, signifying a substantial force within the industry. Kent, a market leader boasting a substantial 40 per cent market share in the RO sector, is poised to build upon this momentum.

Our focus involves introducing innovations in design, enhancing convenience, and integrating cutting-edge AI features, ensuring that we satisfy the evolving expectations of consumers in a thriving market.

The concept of a ‘smart home’ is gaining traction. How does Kent RO fit into this narrative, and what role does it play in creating smarter and healthier living spaces?

Kent RO embraces the philosophy of “Eat pure, drink pure, breathe pure, and live pure” through its diverse array of products designed to simplify and enhance life. We align ourselves with the smart home concept by integrating cutting-edge technology, elegant designs, and a vibrant palette of colours into our water purification solutions. This integration contributes significantly to the creation of living spaces that are not only healthier but also smarter.

With features like real-time monitoring, filter replacement alerts, and remote-control options via mobile applications or home automation platforms, our products become an integral part of modern homes. Through this we elevate user convenience, empowering homeowners to effortlessly oversee water quality, monitor usage patterns, and manage purification settings all through their smartphones or other connected devices.

Additionally. our ‘smart chef’ appliances significantly simplify the lives of homemakers and are an integral part of their daily culinary routines.

How do RO’s water purifiers differentiate themselves from regular water purifiers?

Kent’s patented technology employs a multi-stage filtration process, seamlessly combining the prowess of RO (Reverse Osmosis), UV (Ultraviolet), UF (Ultrafiltration), and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) control. The genius of this innovation lies in its capability to eliminate all dissolved impurities while retaining essential minerals vital for the human body’s well-being.

Through this, we are sure that water undergoes a thorough purification journey, emerging as a potent source of health and vitality. By integrating the benefits of RO, UV, UF, and TDS control, Kent’s technology offers a comprehensive solution, catering to the diverse purification needs of modern life.

In addition to its advanced purification mechanism, Kent’s dedication to sustainability is manifested in its ‘Zero Water Wastage’ technology. This feature guarantees a remarkable 100 per cent water recovery during the filtration process, thus maximising the utility of available water resources.

Could you walk us through the stages or processes within a Kent RO water purifier that contribute to safe and clean drinking water?

KENT Supreme mineral RO water purifies is design with cutting edge technology ensuring that it holds the capability to purify the inlet water from different sources that would include bore-wells, municipal tanks, overhead storage tanks and water tankers.

With KENT’s Mineral ROTM technology the user can adjust the TDS level of purified water and make the drinking and safe and 100 per cent pure. This model breaks the saga that says RO purifier can only purify the raw water having TDS level greater than 500 ppm.

Here’s a walk-through of the typical stages or processes within a Kent RO water purifier that contribute to providing safe and clean drinking water:

Sediment Filtration: The water from the source enters the purifier and goes through a sediment filter. This stage removes larger particles, sand, dirt, and suspended solids, ensuring that the water is relatively free from visible impurities.

Activated Carbon Filtration: The water then passes through an activated carbon filter. This filter contains porous carbon that helps remove chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), certain chemicals, and unpleasant odours and tastes from the water.

RO (Reverse Osmosis) Filtration: Here the water is pushed through a semi-permeable membrane with extremely tiny pores. This membrane effectively removes dissolved salts, minerals, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants from the water. The result is a significant reduction in Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and a higher level of purification.

Post-Carbon Filtration: After RO, the water may pass through another activated carbon filter. This stage provides a final polish to the water, ensuring that any residual odours or tastes are further eliminated, and the purified water has an improved quality and taste.

Mineralisation (Optional): Some Kent RO purifiers come with a mineraliser that adds essential minerals back into the water. This step helps enhance the taste and health benefits of the purified water.

UV Disinfection (Optional): In certain models, an ultraviolet (UV) disinfection chamber may be included after RO. UV light helps neutralise any remaining bacteria, viruses, or microorganisms, providing an additional layer of protection.

Storage and Dispensing: The purified water is then stored in a clean and secure storage tank within the purifier. It’s ready for dispensing whenever you need it.

Smart Features: Some Kent RO purifiers may include smart features like real-time monitoring, filter replacement alerts, and mobile app integration, allowing users to track the system’s performance and ensure consistent water quality.

Amidst several types of purifiers, catering to various needs, how should a common Indian household go about selecting a water purifier apt for them?

Selecting an appropriate water purifier for a typical Indian household involves considering factors such as the source water quality, prevalent contaminants, budget, and space constraints.

Conducting a water quality test can identify specific impurities, guiding the choice between technologies like RO, UV, or gravity-based filters.

For instance, High TDS levels might warrant an RO system, while UV can address microbial concerns. Gravity-based purifiers could suit areas with relatively clean water. Evaluating long-term maintenance costs and available space helps decide between electrical or non-electrical models.

A comprehensive assessment of these factors enables the household to choose a water purifier that aligns with their unique requirements.

Kent recently invested Rs 150 crore to establish a manufacturing facility in Noida. Could you share the driving factors behind this investment?

Just like in the water purifier industry, local manufacturing of ceiling fans can provide advantages such as cost optimisation, quality control, and faster response to market demands. Our investment seeks to establish a manufacturing facility for producing KUHL BLDC ceiling fans.

With the increased awareness of environmental issues and energy conservation, there is a demand for energy efficient appliances, including fans. We see this as a market opportunity and aim to cater to this demand.

Our investment in manufacturing BLDC ceiling fans aligns with the growing consumer demand and our commitment to sustainable products.

What sets the KUHL BLDC Fan apart from traditional fans in terms of its technology and features?

As against the traditional 80 W power of induction fans, Kuhl uses just 28W of power. Kuhl’s next gen BLDC technology helps a consumer save over 65 per cent electricity, thereby significantly reducing electricity bills. Additionally, the Kuhl will also help enhance the decor with its smart and modern design. These fans Operate throughs remotes, smart phones and are IoT enabled, compatible with Alexa and Voice.

What specific benefits does the KUHL BLDC Fan offer to Indian consumers?

Kuhl Fans are smart fans for modern homes. Our product line consists of five distinct tiers. At the pinnacle, we offer the Super Luxury range, featuring Kuhl Platin and Kuhl Luxus models. Following this, the Luxury range comprises the Kuhl Brise and Kuhl Glanz models, while the entry-level tier is represented by the Kuhl Prima model.

Distinguishing Kuhl Fans are its attributes, including down lights and ring lights, winged blades engineered to facilitate optimal airflow with minimal noise. Notably, the incorporated Reverse mode function serves to redistribute warm air downwards, thereby ensuring a cosy indoor environment during colder seasons.

Can you share your insights on the evolving trends in home appliance technology?

Consumer is the king in this category. Given the evolving lifestyles, the desires also exhibit an evolving nature. As Kent, we not only align ourselves with these shifting desires, but also adapt to technological advancements. This adaptation could potentially wield significant transformative effects on the market landscape.

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