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Connecting People and Technology!

By Niranjan Mudholkar,

Added 31 October 2018

Given the competitiveness of the market, Astrum Holdings Ltd is focused on adding about 8-10 new products each quarter to stay ahead of the market as a brand, says Manoj Kumar Pansari, its Chairman & Managing Director.


Astrum’s manufacturing facility in India is going to be located in Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh) with a size of 16,000 sq m.

Tell us about your personal journey with Astrum Holdings Ltd so far.
My personal journey with Astrum Holdings Ltd has started in 2008 in Hongkong with an aim to enable people get worldwide access to new technologies in the field of consumer electronics. In 2009, we set up our R&D office in Shenzhen and later in 2011 we got a subsidiary for South Africa. From 2013, we had started product portfolio diversification with an aim to get new product launched in each quarter. The company got subsidiary for India last year and now we have Pan India presence. Currently, my company has invested Rs.100 crore to set up a factory in Andhra Pradesh to manufacture its products in India too.
Astrum is a brand that continues to pride itself as a major and competitive innovative tech-former in the IT hardware accessories and smart technology industry. Many of our range of products were nominated and received ground breaking awards around the Asia pacific region. In 2017, we received the ABFA Awards 2017 for Outstanding Franchises & Outstanding Individual Brand. In 2018, we received ‘Made in Hongkong, designed in Hongkong’ Award. We have received other awards too and hope to continue on this path.

What is the thought behind the name Astrum?
Astrum is derived from the Latin culture which means ‘Star’. It is the celestial body in universe which is mysterious, vast, full of wisdom and modern technology. The pictures of the starry sky and the pattern of polygonal star are the key elements that inspire the logo. Therefore, the origin of brand astrum is star and planet. The word ‘Astrum’ gives a mix concept of nature, mystery, humanities and technology!

Tell us about Astrum’s manufacturing facility with regards to its location, size, capacity, product portfolio and so on.
Astrum’s manufacturing facility in India is going to be located in Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh) with a size of 16,000 sq m. It will have multiple production line and categories such as audio, mobile chargers, power banks, etc. For this facility, we are investing Rs.100 crore in Tirupati (Andhra Pradesh).

You operate in a very competitive industry and also operate in a market where customers are both demanding as well as price sensitive. What is your strategy to tackle with this situation?
We understand the nerve of our customers. We know that they come with an expectation of newer technology with every passing minute and we try to match that with our ever-developing technology. However, we keep it price competitive so that it is available to more people and more people can use our products and enjoy or rave the benefits of it. We believe in the perfect marriage of quality and technology within the budget of people.

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