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Being future ready

By Swati Deshpande,

Added 27 August 2016

Dharmesh Arora, President Automotive, President & CEO Schaeffler India


Dharmesh Arora joined Schaeffler India in 2012 and is now heading all businesses of the group in the country including LuK India, INA Bearings India Pvt Ltd, FAG Bearings India Ltd and Scaeffler Afteramrket. Speaking about the company’s business, he said, “Our Indian operations contribute approximately 3 percent to the turnover of Schaeffler Group globally. As a part of the group’s strategy of ‘In the region, for the region’ and strict adherence to global standards for quality excellence our production units primarily cater to the local and regional markets. In line with this strategy, currently, we are focussing on developing advanced manufacturing and engineering capabilities to meet the ever-changing demands of our customers in this dynamic market.”

Speaking about the company’s position in the market, Arora proudly said, “We occupy leading market positions in all the major segments we operate in. In our flagship product—rolling bearings—Schaeffler is among the leading producers in the Indian market with a total market share of 15.8 percent. Our share of rolling bearings market in the industrial segment is 20 percent and it is 13 percent in the automotive segment. Moreover, our LuK brand occupies the largest market share for clutches in the automotive segment in India.

In order to serve such a diverse market and maintain leading position in automotive components markets in the country what a company needs is a right approach towards customers’ changing needs. “To maintain our competitive position in the long term, it is imperative to consolidate and align our efforts to the evolving market and customers. We have taken the first step towards achieving this goal by restructuring Indian operations to mirror our global structure. All our operations have been reorganised under two business divisions–Industrial and Automotive. The change initiative will create a customercentric, sector-specific organisation. Unlike our multiple interfaces today with INA, LuK and FAG brands, now we will present ‘one face’ to our customers in order to serve them better
and more efficiently,” Arora believes.

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This interview was featured in the ACE List in August 2016 issue of The Machinist

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