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Star List 2019 - Alain Spohr, Managing Director, Alstom India & South Asia

By Swati Deshpande,

Added 20 January 2019

This year’s Star List spans captains of diverse industry sectors like automotive, aerospace, defense, farm equipment, construction equipment, railways and beyond. In fact, some of them represent more than one industry segment. Of course, there are many other great leaders out there. But this is The Machinist Star List 2019! Elite and Exclusive!


India’s huge focus on developing infrastructure is creating
opportunities for Alstom to contribute towards the country’s
upgradation. Alain Spohr who is heading operations of the company believes that “The railway sector has picked up a remarkable
momentum over the course of the year. Spearheaded by the government, the improved policy guidelines, allocation of resources to overhaul the existing network and R&D to improve existing
resources – the mainline railways has yielded splendid results. The scope of PPPs has been extended beyond providing tertiary support to now include redevelopment, research and manufacturing of better infrastructure. India has fully understood the true potential
of the sector as a growth propeller and is tapping it to the fullest. In the next five years, the Indian railway market will be the third largest, accounting for 10 percent of the global market thanks to the impetus leveraged by the Government’s push to localization initiatives.” Speaking on the company’s performance in last year, Spohr mentions, “We have had tremendous wins this 2018. They include the rolling stock and signaling wins for Mumbai Metro line 3, which is schedule to go on the floors in 2019, power supply order for Jaipur and the additional rolling stock contracts for Chennai Metro.”

Spohr is extremely proud of the Indian manufacturing. “We recently completed our first export order from India for Sydney Metro and are gearing up for the design and production of light metro project in Montreal from our centres in Bengaluru and Sri City.” With this, he envisions to make India a bigger manufacturing hub for Alstom.
“We are keen to invest and grow our Sri City manufacturing base and promote it as a centre of manufacturing excellence for orders across the world.” A true example of Make in India!


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