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ACE List 2017 - Abhishek Jain, CEO &MD, PPAP Automotive Ltd

By Swati Deshpande,

Added 27 August 2017

Daily small improvement is our key mantra for success. We firmly believe that today’s result should be better than yesterday’s.


“Outperforming previous results and continuously improving is our aim,” says Abhishek Jain, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, PPAP Automotive Ltd. Adding further to it, he says “Daily small improvement is our mantra for success. We firmly believe that today’s result should be better than yesterday’s. The team is motivated to take up new challenges and is focused on doing activities more efficiently.”

Speaking about improvements at the company level, Jain mentions, “Our journey on the path of continuous improvement and Muda elimination continued during the year and brought creditable results with the EBITDA margin crossing 21 percent in the last quarter of the Financial Year 2016-17. In the current financial year, we have targeted to grow at higher than industry rate, acquire more customers and consolidate the improvements achieved.”

The country is undergoing one of the biggest tax reforms in the history. How that is to be affected the automotive industry? “GST regime will definitely support the competitiveness of the automotive industry as it will eliminate the state boundaries and goods can be easily transferred from one state to another. We have already started seeing the OEM’s reducing their prices due to the impact of GST. It is expected to bring in seamless flow of Input Tax Credit and removal of cascading effect of taxes. Increased online working shall reduce the direct interface with the GST departments. It shall ultimately be demand accretive as overall efficiencies will be improved.”

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