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Being optimistic

By Swati Deshpande,

Added 15 January 2019

Sandesh Kumar, Sr. Manager, Doosan Machine Tools talks to The Machinist about the company’s expectations from IMTEX 2019.


What are your expectations from this edition of IMTEX?
As manufacturing in India is now getting momentum, we expect to see more and more customers at IMTEX 2019. The manufacturing industry is now looking to adapt new technologies like 5-axis, multi-tasking, automation, digitisation, etc. which will shape the future of manufacturing. Moreover, we expect customers using conventional machines will changeover to entry level CNC machines. Hence, our booth has a line-up of both high-end & entry-level machines. With these trends and our offerings to match these trends, we expect a huge footfall of visitors at our booth. We hope to convert as may potential enquiries to firm orders.

Tell us about your key product displays at IMTEX 2019
The key products on display at IMTEX will be:
1. Horizontal Machining Centre NHP5000 (High productivity & High precision with 60m/min rapids, 0.9G Acc)
2. DVF5000 — Simultaneous Compact 5-axis VMC for complex parts machining.
3. PUMA V8300 with ATC — Heavy duty Vertical CNC lathe with Automatic 12 station ATC (Capto C6) for storing long boring tools.
4. DEM4000 — Compact & Cost effective entry level 3-axis VMC
5. LEO1600 — Compact & Cost effective entry level 2-axis CNC lathe
6. SMX3100ST — Multi-Tasking CNC lathe with Capto C8 milling spindle with sub spindle & Lower Turret for machining large complex parts in single set-up
7. VC430 — Vertical Machining centre with Rotary pallet (Twin table) for High production parts.

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