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Collaborating with customers

By Swati Deshpande,

Added 15 January 2019

New industrial era puts emphasis on creating eco-system in manufacturing says Punit Gupta, Managing Director, Blaser Swisslube India.


Can you tell us more about the Liquid Tool concept?
Liquid Tool is our value proposition, which helps in increasing competitiveness of our customers. Doing it by driving their productivity has been a key success element of our company globally. It brings transparency and a holistic view on overall returns on their investments.
Productivity, cost-effectiveness and process quality are factors that critically depend on the selection of metal working fluid and the competence of the partner. Our extensive machining know-how & high expertise, customised services and high technology formulations allows us to work with customers in a deep basis. An area of metal working fluid, which was considered as a necessary evil has been completely turned around with Liquid Tool concept. It helps customers to exploit the potential of machines and tools to a larger basis and win.

Expectations from IMTEX 2019 & Market.
New industrial era puts emphasis on creating eco-system in manufacturing and every element in manufacturing has to contribute for higher productivity and process security. The competence at suppliers and customers’ end has to work together in a collaborative way to reach the higher standards of working. Customers need competent partners who bring the expertise in the projects and contribute in increased competitiveness. As a globally active and focused company, we have geared up to collaborate with our customers and we are excited to take up new projects, execute as partners and generate added value for our customers through Liquid Tool.

We want to meet customers in IMTEX and explore this unique aspect of Liquid Tool. It would be a pleasure meeting customers in IMTEX 2019.

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