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Doubling the production

By Swati Deshpande,

Added 15 January 2019

R. K. Purohit, MD, Sphoorti Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. speaks about new products.


R. K. Purohit, MD, Sphoorti Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd. speaks about new products.

Tell us about your key product displays
We are displaying our new and latest products in IMTEX 2019. These products include — BMT static holders in BMT 45,55,65 & 75, BMT driven tool holders in BMT 45, 55, 65 & 75, VDI holders & VDI driven tool holders in DIN 5482, DIN 5480, 1809,TOEM, & OKUMA. We also plan to display VDI through coolant driven tool holders and Tool Discs in VDI Axial, Radial and BMT type.

What are your expectations from this edition?
As I mentioned before we are displaying new generation BMT holder. We plan to make our customers aware about our new products. Usually, these products are imported at a huge cost whereas they are available in the country at competitive price. IMTEX is a good opportunity for us to bring this fact to our customers and end users.

How has been the least year for your company?
Last year was a very good to all machine tool manufacturers. Indeed it was good for us as well. We have increased our production capacity. We are expecting more than 40 percent increase in our turnover by end March 2019.

What are your expectations from 2019?
We have increased our production capacity adding new machines. We have started Unit-2 specially for VDI tool holders DIN 69880. With new machines, we are expecting to double our production quantity by March 2019. We are participating in EMO-2019 at Hannover Germany. We are expecting new customers to our list in IMTEX-2019 and also from EMO-2019. We want to support our customers with ex-stock delivery for standard products. We also want to serve our customers with customised special tool holders to increase productivity & reduce cycle times.


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