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Safe guidance for variable radii

By Guest Author,

Added 19 July 2016

Recently, igus presented the first carriage for linear guides with different radii. The adaptable carriage can thus, go into a curve from a straight line and is therefore suitable for a variety of applications in industry ranging from furniture to stage equipment.

"Entirely new possibilities open up especially in applications such as in office equipment or stage machinery," explains Stefan Niermann, Head of drylin linear and drive technology division, igus.

Customised solutions for maximum freedom
To compensate for the rail spacing, a pivoting spherical ball made of abrasion-resistant iglidur plastic is used in the new drylin carriage. Thus, the carriage can move on flat rails as well as on concave or convex curved rails. Just as the carriage for a fixed radius, the new version is also available with manual clamping, whereby the carriage can be fixed at any position. Users can order their custom curved aluminium
rails with corresponding carriages from igus.

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