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Industry meets furniture technology

By The Machinist Team,

Added 31 August 2020

Lubrication-free linear guides from igus provide additional storage space in trainee carpentry pieces

Anodised aluminium shafts with lubrication-free drylin linear plain bearings provide storage space in a bedside table.

Two pieces of furniture made by budding carpenters from Bergisch Gladbach demonstrates that industrial design combined with a Scandinavian look makes for unique furniture. Because they have that certain something extra, not only visually, but also functionally. This is ensured by lubrication-free drylin sliding linear guides - known by the industry. They allow smooth and maintenance-free movements in a bedside table with a linear guided element as well as in a coffee table with a pull-out unit.
As part of the machine course at the Cologne Chamber of Trade, 24 trainees from the Bergisch Gladbach Vocational College had the task of producing a small range of furniture within five days. "On the course, the carpenters should learn how to handle the various machines, such as a bench milling machine," says Frank Monschau, master carpenter and trainer at the Cologne Chamber of Trade. Over a period of several weeks, the trainees designed the furniture themselves. The results are impressive: a pull-out bedside table and a coffee table with rotating drawer and drawer opening. "We consulted the igus catalogue for the pull-out elements, because for years we have had very good experience with the linear guide systems in particular," explains Manuela Abbing, teacher at the vocational college in Bergisch Gladbach. No sooner said than done, the students selected anodised aluminium shafts with lubrication-free drylin linear plain bearings and a drylin NT telescopic rail.

Opening at the touch of a button
The designers completely dispensed with classic drawers for their bedside tables, but there should still be a ‘hidden storage space'. In addition to a small shelf, the user has the option of opening the body of the table by pressing a button. For this extension, the carpenters resorted to igus linear sliders. A total of two shafts made of hard anodised aluminium and two linear plain bearings made of tribologically optimised high-performance polymer iglidur J are used. "The round shafts fit in perfectly with the design of our table. The slider allows the table to be opened and closed easily, quietly and smoothly. The solution can be quickly installed, and it easily convinced us," says Jascha Schmitz, a second-year apprentice.

Quiet gliding and a long pull-out
The carpenters also came up with two special elements for the coffee table. On the one hand, the table has a revolving drawer that can be opened and closed by means of a push-door opener, and on the other hand, the table can be slid open from the centre, so that books and magazines can quickly disappear into the body. "For this pull-out we needed a telescopic guide that was durable and visually appealing. The drylin NT-35 telescope made of aluminium convinced the students," says Manuela Abbing. For its telescopic rails, igus relies on visually appealing anodised aluminium and sliding elements made of high-performance polymers. The tribo-polymer ensures a smooth and jerk-free sliding of the guides. But the plastic sliders have even more advantages: by dispensing with rolling bodies, they run very quietly, and the incorporated solid lubricants make them completely clean and maintenance-free. Since no greases are used, neither dirt nor dust adheres to the rails. Furthermore, there is no risk of contamination during operation or of the books and magazines stored. This makes the rails ideal for furniture and design.
For more infor, contact, Vinayak Shetty, Product Manager - drylin®, igus (India) Private Limited; Email:, or visit

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