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SELSA integrates five STUDER cylindrical grinding machines

By Guest Author,

Added 02 January 2024

The machines help in producing approximately 7,00,000 drive shafts for control pumps each year.

For more than three decades, SELSA, a Turkish company, has been a reliable supplier of high-quality components to international clients in the automotive industry. In a significant expansion move, SELSA has recently integrated five STUDER cylindrical grinding machines into its operations.

The journey of SELSA traces back to 1992, when Selami Dizdar, a mechanical engineer trained in Germany, founded the company from scratch. Today, under the leadership of Cem Dizdar, SELSA has grown to a workforce of around 280 skilled professionals operating in a modern 7,000-square-meter facility, emphasising precision parts for the automotive sector.

Cem Dizdar, Managing Director, SELSA, reflects on the company's humble beginnings, rooted in his family's escape from former Yugoslavia to Turkey during the war. Little did they anticipate that this journey would lead to the establishment of one of Turkey's flagship companies in the machining sector.

The recent addition of five CNC universal cylindrical grinding machines from STUDER marks a strategic investment for SELSA. Cem Dizdar explains, "There is no more prestigious brand than STUDER when it comes to grinding machines, and we did not want to compromise on quality and precision with this investment."

The selection of four favorit machines and one favorit CNC aligns with SELSA's commitment to maintaining the highest standards in the automotive industry. The machines help in producing approximately 7,00,000 drive shafts for control pumps each year.

With approximately 4.7 per cent of its total budget dedicated to research and development, SELSA is recognised as a research-and-development facility for mechanical engineering by the Turkish state.

The decision to collaborate with STUDER was driven by the need for sophisticated grinding technology, high-quality components, and a reliable partner. Atilla Aydin, Area Sales Manager, STUDER, Turkey, worked closely with SELSA to understand the geometric requirements of the components and the desired production volume.

The long-term collaboration extends beyond machine acquisition, with continuous dialogue leading to process optimisation and the creation of a specially controlled climate room.

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