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Exicom ventures into the UK market

By Guest Author,

Added 01 December 2023

Introduces a range of EV chargers to accelerate EV adoption.

Exicom, India's largest EV charger manufacturer, will be entering the UK and Europe markets. The company plans to strengthen its distribution channel and will be providing EV chargers through direct sales channels too.

Exicom has identified Europe as a key market and has introduced first-of-its-kind EV charging product, Harmony Direct DC 360 Fast Charger at the London EV Show, designed especially for the European market to aid charge point operators in the installation of fast-charging stations.

The charger promises the quickest charging experience in the market for upcoming electric vehicles. These DC chargers will be suitable for installation at fueling stations, retail locations, highways and commercial premises to charge electric fleets. 

Further, Exicom's new ‘Spin Air' EV AC Charger, has solar compatibility allowing users to harness renewable energy, while load balancing and power sharing ensure optimal energy distribution within the home environment.  Additionally, it's integration with Exicom's Spin Control mobile app empowers users to remotely monitor, schedule, and receive real-time updates on their charging sessions.

"With many governments and especially UK favouring faster adoption of electric mobility, the demand for innovative home charging solutions and fast charging stations is higher than ever. We are thrilled to introduce our new range of Harmony DC chargers which fit variety of use cases and are convenient to operate. Our SPIN Home chargers are compact, connected and compliant with UK smart charging regulations," said, Anant Nahata, CEO, Exicom.

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