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e2E Rail announces business expansion

By Guest Author,

Added 06 September 2023

The company also announced the opening of a new office in Bengaluru.

e2E rail, specialising in rail engineering expertise for rail infrastructure projects across mainline and mass transit systems, is significantly expanding its business operations. The company is aiming to encompass supply chain operations for rail projects and has inaugurated a new office in Bengaluru. The office was inaugurated by Santosh S Lad, Labour Minister, Government of Karnataka on the 1st of September 2023.

A $30 billion market for railway infrastructure by 2030 is set to undergo a transformational shift, with 70 per cent of it revolving around sourcing railway materials. The expansion into the rail supply chain marks a pivotal moment and the company will play a role in streamlining the procurement and logistics aspects of rail projects.

The company is introducing a pioneering tech-based platform that unifies both material sourcing and project execution under one umbrella. This will ensure complete transparency for developers and suppliers throughout the project delivery process. End customers, such as Indian Railways and Metro authorities, stand to benefit enormously from the timely completion of their projects. 

The automated supply chain platform is expected to tackle the modernisation goals set for rail infrastructure. The technology is expected to expedite the development of cleaner, safer, and more efficient rail networks for the nation.

This platform also looks at empowering Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME) suppliers and contractors. It will enable them to deliver their goods and services more efficiently, thereby increasing their profit margins. Furthermore, it opens doors for SMEs to expand their businesses beyond geographical boundaries, resulting in the creation of numerous job opportunities within the sector. 

Sourajit Mukherjee, CEO, e2E rail, said, "The addition of supply chain services will enable us to offer comprehensive solutions that encompass every aspect of rail infrastructure projects."

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