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DEP Introduces ConceptWorks to the CAE Market

By kruti bharadva,

Added 04 October 2021

DEP has introduced ConceptWorks to the CAE market, a unique automated modeling technique

Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) has launched their unique automated CAE modeling tool, ConceptWorks, the latest and most innovative addition to their CAE legacy. With ConceptWorks, CAE engineers will now be able to bridge the gap between modeling design and analysis, which will help in optimising the model with faster turnaround times and minimal effort.

Radha Krishnan, Founder & President, Detroit Engineered Products (DEP) said, "We are proud at DEP to keep developing innovative new solutions that makes the life of the engineer easier, and can help companies get to market faster. Every new addition in MeshWorks is a reflection of the passion and effort the entire team puts in to create smarter solutions. We also ensure that the tools are simple and designed in such a way that engineers at any level can start creating concept parts after a single 3-4 hour training. We have started with ConceptWorks for structures, and we have more exciting upcoming modules in the pipeline."

ConceptWorks is the latest addition to DEP MeshWorks, DEP's legacy integrated CAE platform for pre and post processing, involving rapid concept CAE and CAD model generation, parameterisation and optimisation, advanced meshing, process automation, concept modeling and CAD morphing. ConceptWorks allows users to redefine the concept modeling phase by allowing CAE engineers to efficiently produce concept members for design and optimisation studies. With ConceptWorks, drastic design transformations are made immediately at the CAE level. As a CAE tool for structural engineers, ConceptWorks enables the creation of structural members and joints without using CAD software, allowing engineers to focus on their core competencies.

Ray Chaney, Global Director of Pre Sales and Software Support, DEP said, "We noticed that during the vehicle development stage, while creating concept parts, any ideas from the CAE team to generate new parts or improve design needs to be communicated to the CAD designers, who will then create or redesign the components. After this, The CAE engineers will need to spend time on meshing and assembly, and this back and forth process will continue until an optimal solution is achieved which is very time consuming, and inefficient. Hence we developed ConceptWorks, which solves the problem, and gives the CAE engineers the power to quickly generate Concept members for design and optimisation studies by giving the user the ability to make radical changes directly at the CAE level.'

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