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India can lead the world in technology: Kris Gopalakrishnan

By Niranjan Mudholkar,

Added 12 December 2019

At CII Excon 2019, Gopalakrishnan says that India can be a multi-trillion dollars economy in next 15 years

"From USD 180 billion economy in 1980s to over USD 2.8 billion economy in 2019, technology has enabled India to grow multi-folds. India has one of the largest IT talent base with over 45 lakh technology professionals that can ensure the development of all the sectors. With the right approach and great platforms like Excon 2019, we have the opportunity and potential to lead the world in technology," said Kris Gopalakrishnan, Chair, CII AI Forum & Chairman, Axilor Ventures at the conference in Excon 2019 on "Artificial Intelligence IOT & Automation" held at Bengaluru.
This session focused on the paradigm shift from machine training through programming to achieve automated solutions with AI and IoT under the Industry 4.0 wave. The Industry 4.0 revolution has witnessed a convergence of digital computing, telecommunication revolution and increased use of sensors.
These technologies have enabled the industry with easing and simplifying the processes leading to improved productivity and quality. Pratik Kumar, Chairman, Task Force on AI, IoT & Robotics & Chief Executive Officer, Wipro Infrastructure Engineering, said, "The 10th edition of Excon with the theme, Smart I-tech - Next Gen India@75 has thrown light on the role of technology as a change-agent in the construction & equipment industry and factors responsible to accelerate the industry's pace.
The advent of technology has touched our lives in multiple ways. And, it is no surprise that even in this sector the products and services are creating new experiences for all of us." With technology growing and innovating year on year, most industries have been affected by some sort of industry disruption. Companies that have chosen to shake things up and try new things have proven to be a major success, but what about the construction industry? In the past decade, the construction industry has seen many changes, from the construction materials used, type of builders, to methods used to design and build new facilities - all because of advancements in technology. Technologies such as AI, IoT, Automation, etc are making a great impact due to its future possibilities in the whole construction process. With digital computers bringing automation in tasks and processes, the construction and construction equipment industry has seen a significant improvement in terms of project turn-around time for completion, quality of products, safety of the labor and cost effectiveness of the projects. These technologies are backed by data and have further helped the AI and ML to provide more precise and enhanced solutions. These solutions will empower India to grow multi-folds in the next 15 years. Excon 2019 endeavors to build India's infrastructure in an ecologically sustainable manner, enabling projects on Smart Cities, supporting Swachh Bharat programs, promoting Skill Development and position "Make In India" - as the National Agenda for achieving holistic growth in the infrastructure and related sectors.
As part of the 10th year celebrations of Excon, CII will be organizing special activities like exclusive Pavilions on AI, IoT, Robotics, Startups, and Components & Parts among others. Coinciding with Excon, CII will organize a series of Conferences and Seminars like, Defence & Paramilitary; MSMEs; Components & Parts; Green Buildings; Smart Cities; Urban Development; Logistics among others. Government of Karnataka is the Host State for Excon 2019. Indian Construction Equipment Manufactures' Association (ICEMA) is the Sector Partner for Excon 2019 and supported by Builders Association of India (BAI). 


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