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The Global Manufacturing Show- Revival of the Manufacturing Industry

By kruti bharadva,

Added 18 May 2021

a brief preview of an unique television show, covering all aspects of Indian manufacturing and its growth and direction

India has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in the last decades and stands out as a  potential manufacturing powerhouse that has yet to realize its promise. India's manufacturing sector is backed by strong technical and engineering capabilities and a high degree of expertise. Additionally, government initiatives such as ‘Make in India' ‘Skill India' ‘Digital India' and ‘Atmanirbhar India' are leading the impetus to put India as a major hub on the global manufacturing map.

 From fiscal year 2006 to fiscal year 2012, India's manufacturing-sector GDP grew by an average of 9.5 percent per year. In fiscal year 2020, manufacturing generated 17.4 percent of India's GDP, little more than the 15.3 percent it had contributed in 2000. While revising down the GDP growth outlook for 2020 to 6.1 IMF has pegged the medium-term GDP up to 2024 at 7.4 per cent making India one of the fastest growing economies ahead of China at 5.9 per cent (these estimates are prior to COVID and revised numbers are still being researched)

Manufacturing is a vast topic covering several sectors. The Global Manufacturing TV series will be an attempt to bring to the table current happenings, trends, challenges, innovations, etc happening across all manufacturing industries and sectors, through a televised broadcast on ET NOW. The format of the show will ential a panel/round table discussion with an editorial moderator. 



  • To give in-depth insight at how the world of manufacturing works
  • To make manufacturing as a subject more approachable to the consumer audience
  • To deepen the engagement with B2B audience
  • To stimulate a healthy, informative debate
  • To provide a common meeting ground for OEM's /end users  and service providers



Digital Revolution


India as an Exports Manufacturer 

Indigenization of Defence Manufacturing

Technology Transfers 

Post Pandemic Revival 


TO KNOW MORE on how you can participate as a partner and/or a speaker, please contact:

Ranjan Haldar: +91 9167267474 |

Kruti Bharadva: + 91 9987111040|



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