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UFlex-Asepto To Launch India’s First U-Shape Paper Straw Line 

By Anvita Pillai, @Anvitap21,

Added 19 April 2022

New product line to address the challenge of restrictions on the use of plastic straws


UFlex Limited, India's largest flexible packaging material solution and Polymer Science Company, has announced its initiative to bring a sustainable change to its fold by setting up India's first U-shaped paper straw manufacturing line for its aseptic liquid packaging business. The manufacturing line is set up at its existing aseptic liquid packaging plant in Sanand, Gujarat. 

By becoming India’s first and world’s fastest-speed line U–shaped paper straw manufacturing company, UFlex, through its aseptic liquid packaging brand Asepto continues its efforts to create a sustainable and clean environment. The paper straw manufacturing line will boast of fully automated Dutch technology, offering a production capacity of approximately 2.4 billion straws annually.

The sizes available in U-Shape paper straws will be 145mm and 165mm, attached to and utilized for portion packs for juices and other beverages. UFlex paper straws will be food grade, moisture-resistant and made from sustainably sourced papers, which are 100% recyclable. 

On the launch of the new line, Ashwani Kumar Sharma, President & CEO, Aseptic Liquid Packaging Business, UFlex Ltd, said, "In the wake of prohibitions on the use of single-use plastic coming into force across the world, including Indian government upholding its decision not to exempt some plastic straws from the impending ban, this move by UFlex is not just significant but also timely. With the launch of U-shaped paper straws, we are ready to change the dynamics of the industry.”

"After the successful installation and commissioning, we aim to attain 100 million straw production in the first month and raise it to 200 million in the next few months. We aim to produce 2.4 billion straws annually. The aesthetics and quality of the product are at par with global standards.” he further added. 

In FY2021, UFlex announced a doubling of its aseptic liquid packaging capacity to 7bn packs per annum in Sanand. The project near completion is currently undergoing trial runs. The latest paper-straw line initiative by UFlex will catapult the aseptic liquid packaging industry into a different league altogether. It will add yet another sustainable edge to UFlex’s business approach.

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