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Toshiba Johnson Elevators secures to supply 168 elevators

By Rahul Kamat,

Added 25 October 2021

Elevators will be installed across RMZ’s flagship projects – ECOWORLD 30 in Bengaluru and Nexity & Spire in Hyderabad


Toshiba Johnson Elevators (India) Pvt Ltd has secure orders to supply 168 elevators at three flagship projects of the celebrated RMZ Corp, one of Asia's largest privately-owned real estate owners, investors, and developers. TJEI will install, maintain, and operate 70 elevators at RMZ Ecoworld 30 in Bengaluru, 63 elevators at Nexity in Hyderabad and 35 elevators at RMZ Spire in Hyderabad.


TJEI will supply its most recent high-end compact machine room ELCOSMO-III-L elevators and machine-room-less SPACEL-III and SPACEL-III-L elevator series that incorporate various energy and time-saving technologies.


The Elevator Management System (EMS) allows for monitoring and controlling of elevators, the regenerative drive in all the lifts will optimise the power consumption, the roller guides offer low noise and smoother ride quality, and the turnstile integration system in lifts with Destination Control System (DCS) will ensure seamless ingress and shorter dwelling time for the passengers.

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