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Schaeffler India launches condition monitoring solution

By Niranjan Mudholkar,

Added 15 October 2020

India launch is a part of the overall launch in the entire Asia Pacific region


Schaeffler has launched OPTIME, a solution designed specifically for comprehensive condition monitoring of all process-critical assets across entire machine and equipment. The India launch of OPTIME is a part of the overall launch in the entire Asia Pacific region.
Schaeffler claims that OPTIME provides automated condition monitoring at a cost-effective but efficient manner making it very convenient for maintenance personnel and facility operators. It is an easily scalable system that consists essentially of wireless, battery-powered vibration sensors, a gateway, and an app to visualize the resulting analysis data. The data captured by the sensors are analyzed using specially developed algorithms. It provides several weeks’ early warning of damage to machine components such as electric motors, fans, and pumps. It also provides early warning of imbalances, misalignments, and knocking.
Harsha Kadam, CEO, Schaeffler India and President Industrial Business, said, “The impact of unplanned downtimes are far more damaging than revenues alone, and brings forth multiple challenges in any manufacturing or processing unit. For cost reasons, permanently installed continuous condition monitoring systems are typically used only for production machines that are directly process-critical. Therefore, in process and automation industries, it is not uncommon for up to 95 percent of all assets in a production facility to be either totally unmonitored or monitored only periodically by means of route-based, manual measurements. With Schaeffler OPTIME, however, comprehensive and automated condition monitoring is now a cost-effective proposition for maintenance personnel and facility operators.”

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