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The New Frontier!

By Niranjan Mudholkar,

Added 17 September 2018

Agriculture is the new hot industry and technology serves as a backbone of every growth centric industry, says Srinivas P Kamisetty, Founder, Paama Agrico.


Today, Paama Agrico is one of India’s fastest growing and innovative, agri-equipment research and development organization

Tell us about the origin of Paama Agrico. What was your key objective behind starting this organisation?
On the personal front, I was rearing a passion to do something that would add sheen to the agricultural landscape of the country. In terms of experience, having the opportunity to lead, globally acknowledged organizations like LAPP India Pvt. Ltd. and CLASS and playing decisive roles in Rittal India and Karnataka Telecom in the past, my knowledge about the manufacturing domain and in particular about the loopholes of the agri-equipment industry had grown very wise. Besides, from a business point of view, in an economy that is predominantly agrarian, it made immaculate sense to venture into an agri-equipment space. Thus, in the year 2015, I decided to culminate my passion, experience and business acumen to launch Paama Agrico, an innovative, agri-equipment research and development organization that would work tirelessly to revolutionizing traditional and time intensive farming processes with sustainable technology.
Today, Paama Agrico is one of India’s fastest growing and innovative, agri-equipment research and development organization that bears the credentials of substantially elevating the standards of Made-in-India agri-equipment. Paama’s research centric approach, cutting edge product features, direct communication and distribution touch-points with farmers, after sales services, dynamic leadership and ability to provide invincible quality and pricing has earned it the status of being best-in-class among the rotavators and cultivator industry.

Tell us about the manufacturing capabilities and capacities of Paama Agrico
In tune with Paama Agrico’s founding objective of enabling every Indian farmer with best-in-class agri-equipment that will in-turn help cater to the huge 159.6 million hectares arable land resource of India (World Bank estimate in 2015), a high-end manufacturing apparatus structured on the philosophy of automation and empowered with most sophisticated technology was set-up in the year 2015. Quite aptly, it is also referred to as the ‘Agri-Equipment Design House of India’. The revolutionary make in India brand with a state-of-art manufacturing facility is spread over 30,000 sq. feet of factory space on 100,000 sq. ft plot of land in the Doddaballapur industrial area in Bengaluru of Karnataka.
Approximately 12,000 blades are manufactured on a daily basis in a single line in comparison to 4000-5000 blades which is the industry standard. An individual rotavator takes no more than 15 minutes to come off the line in Paama Agrico’s premise. It is the only agri-equipment manufacturer to deploy robots in the facility for welding and handling purposes. Adamantly, batch processes are not followed at the organization; be it designing of the blade or the machine, the philosophy of doing one at a time is strictly followed.

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“A slew of agro-tech start-ups will be here to stir the agricultural revolution. If there is any start-up that will help us serve the India farmers any better, Paama Agrico is more than happy to associate with them.”

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