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Delivering engineering excellence

By Niranjan Mudholkar,

Added 30 June 2018

There is a great push from the Indian government to position the country as a low cost, high quality aerospace manufacturing hub and accelerate R&D services through new policy initiatives, says Steve Gerber, Sr. Vice President, Strategic Accounts, QuEST Global


You joined QuEST Global in February of 2009. How’s been the journey since then?
The journey so far has been exciting and fulfilling. Over the past decade, I have seen QuEST grow from 1400 to more than 10,000 employees and expand from four to seven verticals.
As an engineering service provider, QuEST’s expertise lies in solving customer challenges through innovative solutions. Driven by a great culture and values, QuEST does a great job of adapting capabilities to address customer needs and its fulfilling to be part of an organization that does this so well.

How would you look at the aerospace industry’s evolution in India in the same time span as your journey with QuEST?
In the last ten years, the aerospace industry has grown at a rate not seen before both in the commercial and defense space. With India and China expected to witness the highest growth potential, it is estimated that the industry will continue to expand over the next decade.
In India, both commercial and government defense purchases are growing at an accelerated pace. There is a great push from the Indian government to seize this opportunity and position the country as a low cost, high quality manufacturing hub and accelerate R&D services through new policy initiatives like easing of investments, offset clause in defense regulations and overhaul of taxation.
At QuEST, we see huge opportunity for engineering and R&D services in India. We have built our technology capabilities and expanded our capacity to meet the rising demand. Over the last decade during my tenure, the company has evolved from a basic deliverable provider to a full-service engineering partner. From modeling and drafting to integrated product development, we are supporting our customers across functions that directly drive business metric. As an approved defense partner in India for OEMs, we are engaged in several offset projects and we will continue to invest in this area.

What factors have contributed to the success of QuEST Aerospace? How much does it contribute to the overall group revenue in terms of percentage?
Whether it’s engineering or the right side of the Product Life Cycle, customers are looking for capable partners that can respond and adapt swiftly to their ever-changing needs. As an industry leader, QuEST’s mission has always been to look beyond the obvious and deliver transformative engineering solutions.
Over the last two decades, we have been delivering best-in-class engineering services as well as adding value to customer offerings through innovation. Our approach has always been to win customer trust and work together to solve industry challenges Given our willingness to develop technologies and harness necessary skills to address market demands and improve time to market, we are delighted that customers regards us an extension of their own team. Aerospace represents the largest and most significant part of the QuEST portfolio, contributing to nearly 40 percent of our revenue.

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