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Exicom unveils Spin Air EV AC Charger for residential EV charging

By Dipika Lalwani,

Added 13 February 2024

The compact design comes with solar compatibility and power-sharing enhance energy efficiency.

Exicom, an EV charger manufacturer in India and a partner for automobile players and other ecosystem stakeholders, has unveiled its latest innovation, the Spin Air EV AC Charger.

As individuals and businesses increasingly embrace electric mobility, Exicom's response comes in the form of the Spin Air EV AC Charger, to cater to residential electric vehicle charging.

The Spin Air EV AC Charger offers a charging solution ranging from 7.5kW 1-phase to 22kW 3-phase power levels. Spin Air offers personalised charging tailored to individual EV owners' needs, fitting into daily routines at home or on the go.

The compact design is intended to blend into residential settings with solar compatibility, and intelligent features like load balancing and power sharing enhance energy efficiency. The integration with Exicom's SPIN mobile app enables remote monitoring, scheduling, and real-time updates, providing users with convenient and controlled charging management. Its robust construction ensures reliability, even in regions with unstable power supplies.

Anant Nahata, Managing Director, Exicom, commented, "Since our inception, our focus has been on driving EV adoption through, setting inspiring examples, and addressing the key hurdle—a robust charging infrastructure—that often holds people back from making the switch. This is why we are working towards a future where electric vehicles (EVs) are a common sight and everyone feels empowered and confident to go electric."

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